8 Best Email Marketing Platforms For Small Businesses

December 13, 2023

In this article, you are going to read the top 8 best email marketing platforms for small businesses. All sizes Email is a simple and effective technique for your company to reach a big number of people. Email marketing software equips you with the necessary capabilities.


Increase your subscriber base. Create visually appealing and interesting emails. Email sequences can be used to automate campaigns. Analytics can help you select what to send and when. All of this, and much more, is possible with the greatest email marketing services.


But which email marketing services are best for small businesses? I've given you nine possibilities. And describe what they provide and who they are most suited for.


8 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses


Best Email Marketing Platforms For Small Businesses

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Small enterprises have distinct requirements than large corporations. Time is probably of the essence if you own a small business. You don't want to squander time or study anything that will take weeks. You want tools that are easy, quick, and useful. As a result, you may get started right immediately and see benefits right soon.


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At the same time, value is important. The lower your operating budget, the more cost-conscious you must be. However, no small business owner wants to sacrifice quality for a lower price. They always request products that meet the specifications. Also, give them room to develop.


All nine email marketing services I chose fit these requirements. They do, however, each have unique strengths that define them apart. Here's a quick rundown. However, keep reading for details that will help you decide which option is best for you.


1 MailerLite – Best for First-Time Email Marketing


As an email marketing service for small enterprises, MailerLite checks this box. It is inexpensive. It's simple to use. If you don't need advanced automation, it contains all the functions you need.


This is particularly helpful if you are new to best email marketing platforms for small businesses. The aim is to keep things simple. Everything is really plain and straightforward. The primary window is seen below. There are four straightforward possibilities. Simple navigation. This is how the complete tool appears.


To compose HTML emails, use the drag-and-drop editor. MailerLite includes several stacks of pre-formatted content blocks. You can immediately import product listings from an eCommerce store. RSS feeds and social media can be integrated into your newsletters. Quizzes and polls can be made.


It is just as simple to create signup forms and landing pages. Drip campaigns and simple automatic email sequences can also be created.


You can establish websites and blogs in addition to email marketing.


2 GetResponse: Ideal for growing businesses


GetResponse has two sides, if you will. It's a straightforward email marketing service with all of the expected functionality. Signup forms can help you expand your subscriber base. You can construct campaigns using visually appealing HTML emails. Contacts can be segmented to target the proper people.


3 ActiveCampaign: Best for Email Marketing Automation


ActiveCampaign is another platform that provides marketing services in addition to email. It includes a complete set of sales and CRM capabilities. What distinguishes ActiveCampaign is its marketing automation.


The automation features of ActiveCampaign achieve a mix between intricacy and usability. Ideal for small enterprises who want to create advanced automation. There are hundreds of automation templates or "recipes" from which to pick. These are excellent places to begin. They may be completely customized using an intuitive workflow editor.


4 Mailchimp – Ideal for email marketing with ads


Mailchimp provides effective email marketing for small businesses. You can build a website, run a small online store, send email campaigns, and design advertisements.


It comes with over 100 email templates and an easy drag-and-drop editor. Some email templates, on the other hand, are quite basic or out of date. Its automation tools are severely lacking.


5 HubSpot: the best complete CRM with email


HubSpot is an excellent all-in-one CRM solution that includes marketing, sales, and support solutions. It also includes a content management system and a data synchronization tool.


Their purpose is to service all sizes of enterprises, although their products are best suited to businesses. Hubspot features a number of useful free tools that cover the entire spectrum.


This includes a complimentary best email marketing platforms for small businesses. You are allowed to send up to 2000 emails each month for free. Other tools are limited, such as registration forms and automations.


6 Brevo – Ideal for free email marketing


Brevo is an email marketing platform for small businesses that is of high quality. Its main selling point, like HubSpot's, is that you can use it for free. Not just email marketing, either. CRM and sales channels are available. Additionally, transactional emails and an AI chat widget for your website are available.


7 Moosend – Ideal for small business e-commerce


Many email marketing software systems are geared for e-commerce companies. However, the majority of people flock to giant internet stores.


Moosend mostly caters to tiny digital firms. It provides exceptional value for money and has a unique and convenient pricing structure. It boasts a simple design and one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market. 


8 Constant contact: ideal for simple email design


Constant Contact has numerous creative advantages. It can be used to generate high-quality HTML emails. Campaign processes that are automated. a landing page creator. Forms for registering. Publications and advertisements on social media. Investigations, investigations, and more investigations. You can also plan, arrange, and market events.


Which email marketing service should you choose for your small business?


Every small business is unique. That is why it is fantastic that there are so many email marketing tools available. There is something for everyone.


Of fact, small firms frequently have the same requirements and worries. However, when it comes to selecting the best email marketing software, consider what makes you distinct.


Are you a new or small firm with a tight budget? Mailerlite, Brevo, Moosend, and Benchmark are among options. When you keep things simple, email marketing may be very powerful. Are you a growing company with a growing number of subscribers and customers? Choose between GetResponse and ActiveCampaign.


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By Gaurav