What Did Kourtney Kardashian Tattoo On Travis Barker?

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Kardashian has recently uncovered her #1 tattoos Barker has gotten in accolade for her. "The Kourtney, obviously," she said, alluding to the tattoo on his chest. She noticed that she's too "inked him" herself.

"I composed 'I love you' in cursive language, and afterward I got it done. I put it on. I did the weapon," Kardashian said on TODAY in September. "And afterward I rehearsed and did a 'K' with a heart. So there's a couple."

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Barker likewise alluded to the "I love you" ink from Kardashian as "my #1 tattoo from my number one tattoo craftsman." He shared a photograph of it on his Instagram Story in 2021 after the Poosh pioneer finished her magnum opus before that year.

What are the tattoos on Travis Barker?

Inked in favor of Barker's hands are the words "I did it as I would prefer.." with "I did it" inked on his right hand and "my way.." put on his left hand

What tattoos does Kourtney Kardashian have?

A butterfly, flanked by blossoms, sits somewhat over her chest, and pictures of imploring hands, butterflies, blossoms, a bug, a skull and crossbones, and snakes seem to improve her arms. Her thighs are likewise shrouded in ink, with one more blossom showing up on her right thigh.

Who has 3 tattoos of Kim Kardashian?

Kardashian makes sense of the primary tattoo he got for her was charming. Then, at that point, the subsequent one came, etc. "However, that is the thing tattoo individuals do," Kardashian shares. "They get tattoos of what they do in their life." When DeGeneres hindered and inquired as to whether Davidson has three tattoos of her, Kardashian answered, "A couple

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